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Enchanted Evenings at Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Waldorf Astoria Orlando is celebrating summer with Enchanted Evenings, running weekends May 25 through Sept. 4, 2012.

Twilight is a magical time during this summer-long schedule of special events for all guests staying at Waldorf Astoria Orlando, located inside the gates of Walt Disney World® Resort.

This year, the resort will host the Waldorf Astoria Enchanted Glow at sunset on Friday and Saturday evenings, featuring a brilliant display of Chinese wish lanterns on resort waterways. Guests will have opportunity to purchase their own wish lantern during the day. According to legend, the wish will be granted when the lanterns is set afloat that evening, creating a beautiful candle-lit spectacle.

We’ll provide more complete updates in the coming weeks.  But, to whet your appetite, other Enchanted Evening highlights currently include:

  • Weird Science Ice Cream Social (Fridays Only);
  • Champagne Check-In (Fridays Only);
  • Evening Entertainment at Peacock Alley;
  • Mojito Madness at Peacock Alley (Saturdays Only);
  • Artist in Residence Program (select weekends);
  • Live Entertainment at the Pool;
  • Kids Club Astoria After Dark: Kids Night Out;
  • Family S’more Night;
  • Twilight Golf at Waldorf Astoria Golf Club;
  • Saturday Golf Clinics;
  • Astronomy Walk at Island or Promenade;
  • Enchanted Evenings Horse and Carriage Rides;
  • Chef’s Cooking Demo: Organic Food & Wine Tasting;
  • Jazz Under the “Full Moon” (Select Dates)

*program elements subject to change.


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Sir Harry's Lounge at Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Dan and Laura Curtis
Appearing Live
Saturday, September 3, 2011
Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Appearing live at Sir Harry’s Lounge,
for one night only, Dan and Laura Curtis from the United Kingdom.  The duo is the first to appear as part of the ongoing “Florida Keys” piano series at Waldorf Astoria Orlando, featuring  occasional appearances by musicians and pianists from around the world.

Daniel Curtis

Daniel Curtis

Dan and Laura Curtis are considered as one of the foremost ambassadors for the conservation of the music of the Great American Songbook in the United Kingdom.

The Great American Songbook offers a dazzling parade of American popular songs as seen and heard in some of the most beloved films and musicals ever made. Their concert repertoire includes the works of composers such as Irving Berlin, George and Ira Gershwin, Jerome Kern and Cole Porter. Their arrangements of the songs are classical interpretations and delivered with sincerity.

Previous performances have included the Whitehall Palace, Banqueting House, Royal Albert Hall, Althorp House, Millennium Stadium and the Algonquin Hotel in New York City. They opened the 2010 Welsh Prom Series at St David’s Hall and have performed twice at the BAFTA Awards and Hay Festival. Performing at many notable Cathedrals including Lincoln Cathedral, Palma Cathedral, Notre Dame Cathedral and Salisbury Cathedral.

Please visit their website www.dlcmusic.com for more information and to listen to music samples.

Admission is complimentary.  

Enchanted Evenings at Waldorf Astoria Orlando

The appearance is part of Enchanted Evenings at Waldorf Astoria Orlando, a season-long tribute to summer in Orlando, featuring an ongoing slate of special events and activities, running through Labor Day weekend.

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Keep the magic alive!

The final installment of the epic Harry Potter series has sadly come to an end… but Waldorf Astoria Orlando  is keeping the momentum going with a whimsical touch to our summer long program, Enchanted Evenings.

Children ages 5-12  can enroll in our exclusive  Little Sorcerer’s Magic Class held every Saturday afternoon now through September 3rd.

Have fun learning a variety of magic tricks from a  real-life magician!

So dust off those wands and learn a few tricks that will be sure to mystify your friends and family.

All guests can participate. Here are the details:

When: Saturdays now through September 3.

Where: WA Kids Club

When: 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Now here’s a spell  that you’ll be sure to love….

Book your room today to take advantage of the special  Enchanted Evenings Free Disney Ticket Bonus!    For every two nights booked with us, you will receive one FREE Walt Disney World one-day one-park ticket (when using the link above, see booking page for details)!

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Enchanted Evenings at Waldorf Astoria Orlando

As part of our Enchanted Evenings summer-long promotion at Waldorf Astoria Orlando, expect fun experiences for your family.

Walking on Water at Waldorf Astoria Orlando swimming pool

For instance, this child was more than happy floating on the water.  But what if he could WALK on the water?  Now we are talking enchantment!

Walking on Water at Waldorf Astoria Orlando swimming pool
Waldorf Astoria Orlando is featuring a new gigantic gizmo on summer weekends that will allow you to do just that… walk on water!

Walking on Water at Waldorf Astoria Orlando swimming poolYou simply have to climb inside (after getting permission from your parents and having them sign a waiver), and the staff takes care of the inflation.

Walking on Water at Waldorf Astoria Orlando swimming pool

Once it’s filled, you are free to start your trek across the water!

Walking on Water at Waldorf Astoria Orlando swimming pool… which is easier said than done!

Walking on Water at Waldorf Astoria Orlando swimming pool One thing is certain:  expect a whole lot of laughter!

Walking on Water at Waldorf Astoria Orlando swimming pool…and some envious glances from your poolmates!  Not to worry… they can be next!

Walking on Water at Waldorf Astoria Orlando swimming poolJust wait until your friends at home hear about this adventure!

[Ask the pool staff or Concierge for details about the “Walk on Water” experience.  A $6 fee is charged to your guest room.]

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Enchanted Evenings at Waldorf Astoria Orlando


Guests walking through Waldorf Astoria Orlando this summer will encounter a most unusual sight… something that looks like it belongs more in the chemistry lab then the kitchen!

super close up - nitrogen ice cream at Waldorf Astoria Orlando

This “weird science” experience is part of the resort’s Enchanted Evenings celebration, a summer-long schedule of weekend events and activities.

Weird Science? Smoking nitrogen ice cream at Waldorf Astoria Orlando
This ice cream social allows guests to see this summer delight created while you watch, using liquid nitrogen, which is negative 300 degrees below zero!

Nitrogen Ice Cream close up

How does it work?  You’ve got to see this to believe it!  The ice cream base is added to the bowl (either chocolate, vanilla or strawberry) and liquid nitrogen is pumped into the bowl.  The ingredients are stirred as the liquid nitrogen “boils” off, leaving a yummy ultra-creamy  ice cream behind.

Close up of Nitrogen Ice Cream at Waldorf Astoria Orlando

All of this magic happens right before your eyes!

Nitrogen Ice Cream Social with Guests

When it is done, the ice cream is served up in a coconut shell.

Serving Up Ice Cream in a coconut shell at Waldorf Astoria Orlando

…and then topped with a choice of items!

Close up of ingedients for nitrogen ice cream at Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Here is a video to show you how its done:


If you’d like to try it for yourself, visit us on Friday evenings this summer, from 6:30 – 8:30pm.

For an amazing weekend, stay the night!  This summer, as part of Enchanted Evenings, you can even get a complimentary Disney theme park ticket with a two-night stay!

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As a part of our Enchanted Evenings celebration at Waldorf Astoria Orlando, we are offering a Martini Madness party at Sir Harry’s.  Join us every Saturday from 8pm – 11pm (June 2011 to September 2011), for a martini infused evening where you can sample four delicious flavors on our martini buffet!

Guests can enjoy these flavorful martinis for just $20 a person.

Sir Harry’s is Orlando’s little-known secret – a quintessential big-city lounge with a built in pedigree.  Both sexy and stately, this lounge (located off the lobby of the chic Waldorf Astoria Orlando) takes you to the Big Apple and the best lounges in Manhattan.  In fact, the original Sir Harry’s (inside the famed NYC Waldorf=Astoria) is the birthplace of several classic cocktails, including the Manhattan!

You don’t want to miss this party! You can even continue your evening at Peacock Alley our lobby bar where you will find nightly live music, and entertainment.

Worried about parking?  No worries!  For our local guests who are not staying at the resort, we offer complimentary valet parking for Sir Harry’s customers.  Just ask your bartender or server.

For more information on other Enchanted Evening special events, please see the schedule of events , or contact Waldorf Astoria Orlando by phone at (407) 597-5500.

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