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Sleep well, for tomorrow we shall have Oscar’s waffles.

Best Breakfast in OrlandoIf there ever was a reason to leap out of bed in the morning, we suggest it might be the Golden Waffles served at Oscar’s at Waldorf Astoria Orlando.

This new item, featured on the destined-to-be-famous breakfast buffet at this Disney-area resort, started like many of the menu items at the hotel — with spirited debate.

“Most restaurants would be satisfied with an easy-to-prepare mix from a box and move on,” said Francis Metais, director of Food & Beverage.  “But we wanted to create something much more memorable for our guests, who are often rushing out to the theme parks.  We wanted to serve a waffle that would inspire them to pause and savor the moment.”

The team of chefs at Waldorf Astoria Orlando tested dozens of recipes before arriving on their favorite, prepared with a yeast-leavened batter.

The waffle is  light and crisp, but with an inner texture that is almost custardy.  The fresh ingredients, including whole eggs, combined with the lightness brought by the yeast, creates a lingering and delightful flavor.  Lightly dusted with powdered sugar, the use of maple syrup almost seems criminal.  Almost.

A golden dream, indeed.


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La Luce is for Lovers

Treat your Valentine to Orlando's Best New Restaurant, La Luce!

Felice San Valentino!

In addition to our award-winning à la carte menu, La Luce by Donna Scala will be featuring a special pre-fixe menu in honor of Valentine’s Day, Feb. 11-14, 2011.

La Luce Valentine Day menu 2011

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